August, 2020
Promo video

You have certainly heard about Treehouses. But, have you even tried that?
This family had tried and they were very excited about it. The video shows not only the beauty of this fancy and cozy treehouse. It shows even surrounding, for example huge fun park Dolní Morava, Czechia. Old military bunker, personal flight or just a peaceful nature. Everything is documented! 

Filmmaker´s review

  • Preproduction

    This was one of the bigger projects we made under our videoproduction brand Framepic. There was strong preproduciton, scenery, harmonogram for every person on the board and even technicial details of gear for every scene. Everything went smooth.
    The only detail was deficient budget, client wanted to save on actors. They had no experience in filmming, but at least they were natural, because they were real family.

  • Production

    I represent a documentarist who tries to rescue these animals by filming this movie. Everything is supported by a voice over with original replica "and bison? What I would not do to save bison..."
    I rented a 200-600mm lens to capture animals from a longer distance. And owning a drone is always a good help, especially in an open landscape.

  • Postproduction

    The video is editied well, if you consider three diferent music audio put it in there. I was trying to keep the family vibes, but still not forget to show the beauty of the location and options for guests around. There is even a small story of the husband, realizing the uniqueness of this plac