Bison Rescue

November, 2020
Commercial video

Did you know the global population of Bison bonasus is not even 10.000 pieces? That means this spieces is endangered. He needs special treatment and mainly a natural envirnoment. Exactly like this one in Czech town Milovce. There is a natural reserve Česká krajina which provides a great conditions for not even an European bisons (Bison Bonsanus), but elks (alces alces), aurochs (Bos primigenius) and wild horses (Equus erus). I helped them to create a short film to ask people for some donation for this organization. In fact, every help counts, so if you like nature, you can send some donation to this transparent account number of Česká krajina - 2102100540679/2010. Above all, you can also enter this area with a guide who will tells an interesting facts about these animals.

Project's details

  • Task - Create a short spot and present an issue
  • Goal - to address the general public for contributions to the public collection
  • Production - scenario, camera, aerial footage,  editing, voice over, color correction and grading, sound design
  • Distribution - social media
  • Final outputs - 1x organic video